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Through realising the effects that hormones and emotions can have, one can decide if having sex straight away is in their best interests or not. One might also decide that they need to dig a little deeper and see what emotions need to be acknowledged, processed and released from within them.

Having all three Passion or Infatuation combined with Commitment results in Fatuous Love. This is the result of getting swept up in passion and committing to a long-term commitment without really knowing the person.

Remember that part of how to talk dirty is also considering your comfort level and confidence level with your loved one. If it's your first time having sex with someone, it may be best to postpone talking-dirty. Once you've established a 'strong bond' and are more comfortable with each other, you can start to spice up sex by bed-talking. By keeping in mind the talking dirty tips found in this article, you can expect a more enjoyable and more pleasing sex life.

Insecurity. The emotion of feeling insecure affects millions. Feeling insecure in your relationships, your finances, your marriage, your job, etc. A lack of self-esteem combined with a poor self-image is a major factor in feeling insecure. How do you overcome feeling insecure? My rule of thumb was always 'just go to work'. Work hard, aspire to do your best, and let the chips fall where they may. When you have a 'hard work attitude' combined with an aspiration to do your best, you self-image will increase dramatically.

Your natural interval between sexual intimacies may be shorter than your partner’s, so you are always ready sooner. You may have to use super self-control to wait for your partner to be absolutely ready. A nice sensual massage that doesn’t lead to sex might get your partner thinking.

"I love you," he would always tell me. He would say that as many times I needed his assurances. His eyes confirmed what he said. His attitude and behaviour towards me were nice and caring. Increasingly I found him irresistible and finally discovered he had deep vacuum to fill in my life. I stored his beautiful words only to relish them when I was on my own, all alone. I kept his presence around me. His words, cards, letters, all adore my dreams"

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